Do You Ever Want to Just Give Up?

Ball and chainHave you let go of what holds you back, so that what has always been will not always be? The past can hold you back in countless ways, even when you least expect it.  But, what has always been does not always have to be.  While its hard to wait sometimes for life’s circumstances to change have you given up that it will ever be different? Do you believe it is hopeless and things will never be any different? Do you ever just want to give up?

Sometimes change comes in a flash and sometimes it seems like it will never ever come.  There are times when you can see change happening, but it still hasn’t really arrived.  If you are living in a time when change seems like it will never come and as hard it is to wait, is it even harder to give up?

Write your beliefs downWhat kinds of things do you think about when you are struggling with the same old, same old?  Do you tell yourself that it will always be like this, whatever this is? Do you not really believe it can change some way, some how?? Do you tell yourself when it gets really tough to wait, that its pointless to keep hoping?What are the things you believe?  What are the things you hear yourself say over and over?  Write them down so you can see them as being outside and separate of yourself.  This writing exercise is a way to see those things a little differently.

If you plant carrot seeds you will get carrots and not tomatoes when they are full grown. Remember that seeds produce after their own kind.  When seeds are planted they begin to root so that they can get what they need to grow.  Its through their roots that seeds are fed to grow into what they are to become.

The things you believe are like seeds.  These seeds or beliefs can be planted in your heart through things you have seen and heard over time.  When you believe what you’ve seen and heard to be true, your believing it begins to feed it and strengthen it to become actually become what it is.  The power for something to grow comes from believing. It is not a matter of being true, that gives it power to become, it is the power of belief.   A seed does not have the power within itself to grow, it must be fed and watered through roots it puts down for life to come to it.  It is the same with the things we believe about our selves and our lives.

How do we know what seeds are planted after they are buried and forgotten?  We recognize them by what they’ve become.  We must look at the fruit that grows to know what seed was planted.  It is the same when looking at our lives. The fruit we’d recognize would be the patterns and behaviors that repeat over and over in our lives.  It can be sweet or bitter.  Sweet fruits are the habits, patterns and behaviors that bring joy and success into our lives while, the bitter fruits would be the habits, patterns and behaviors that bring disappointment, pain and suffering over and over in our lives.

Believing gives life to whatever it is that one believes in the same way a carrot seed becomes a carrot.  The carrot seed will become a carrot and not a tomato. Believing gives the power to whatever you believe to actually be.  Just as impossible as it is to plant a seed one day and get a carrot the next, so it is with believing for the changes you long for.  Because you believe something will be – it doesn’t mean it will be … instantly.

When you want change to come to your life you must listen to the things you say. What you speak out loud shows what you believe on the inside.  If what you believe works against what you want to change, then the root that feeds the belief must be killed off.  A new seed, a new belief must be planted in its place.  Remember it took time for the old fruit to grow and it will take time for the new show.  Don’t give up when you are looking for change, because what has always been does not always have to be – replant what you believe.

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