New Life Through Meditation

Meditations For Your Fourth DayThere is new life through meditation.

Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus on some thing in order to increase awareness of the present moment to reduce stress, promote relaxation and enhance personal and spiritual growth.  Why not learn to focus on some One rather then something?  The Holy Spirit is able to help you accomplish all of these things bringing you new life. Meditation on the Holy Spirit can be practiced alone or within a group of any size. You can have new life through meditation.

The Lectio Divina, which is Latin for ‘divine reading,’ is a traditional practice of reading scripture, meditation and prayer for the purpose of communion with God.  It does not approach Scripture as texts to be studied but rather it is read as the Living Word and its focus is not to analyze passages but to view them with Christ as the key to their meaning.

There are practical suggestions that are helpful in preparing for a Lectio Divina which are found in the beginning of our little book, Meditations for Your Fourth Day, as well as an explanation of the four readings of the Lectio Divina itself.  The Lectio is the first slow reading of a passage where certain words grab the reader’s attention.  The meditatio or second reading is for the reader to concentrate on the words that jumped out in the first reading asking the question “What is God saying to me with those words?”  The Oratio or third reading is where the reader ponders their thoughts and feelings resulting from the focus or meditation of those words of Scripture that speak to the deeper places of the heart looking for the answer to the question “What is God asking me to do?” Finally, rest in the last Contemplatio and simply contemplate the joy, loving, beautiful, wordless presence of God and rest in what He has taught.

This study is a suggested way of inviting new life to your reunion group using our little book, Meditations for Your Fourth Day. Though the book was written specifically for reunion groups that follow a three-day spiritual renewal weekend it can be useful as a personal devotional as well.  It contains 52 meditations that concentrate on the ideas taught during the weekend including Piety, Study, the Church, Obstacles to Grace and many others.

It is through the Lectio Divina, God’s Word and meditation on the Holy Spirit that new life is birthed within one’s own heart and this same new life can become a part of your 4th day reunion group as well.  When the meditations are read and discussed fresh new understanding and insights are shared within the group creating unity and strengthening the group bond as each member shares what the Holy Spirit reveals in their own studies as it shapes and influences their own personal lives.

Our little book brings new life to long established reunion groups seeking the fresh life of the Holy Spirit.  It is also a great way to equip groups just forming following a life changing weekend.  Meditations for Your Fourth Day is written with passion and for the purpose of continuing the love and fellowship of the Holy Spirit for the spiritual renewal of His people well into their 4th day.

To order our little book for your self or as a gift for your reunion group you may click here to go to our store.  You are also welcome to a free copy of the ebook if you’d like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.



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