This side of Kairos #11


Well, the weekend is finally here.  I wasn’t sure it would ever arrive.  In all the Kairos Weekends that I have been a part of not a one of them had ever been postponed.  It is not unheard of, but its not a common occurrence.  I was a little disappointed then, but am looking forward to tomorrow when things actually begin.  It seems its been a long time in coming.

I am not feeling the usual excitement that normally goes along with the beginning of a weekend, nor do I feel I am  facing the experience with a perfunctory mindset, you know when you go through the motions of meeting an obligation with your heart not really in it.  I feel the weight of life’s circumstances at the moment.  As it happens I have received more then one email about the difficult struggles of those around me dealing with things like cancer, brain tumors and paralysis.  Those realities are not easily shaken as I head out to share the Love of Christ with others.  It doesn’t make me doubt Him or His reality, nor do I worry about Him not showing up over the weekend but it makes me acutely aware of how fragile we are and how much we need Him.

Going in the prison is not a matter of emotion and being ‘excited’, nor a sense of obligation but it is an opportunity to be in the presence of the Lord.  Even, when its been hard to pray (which is something I love doing) in anticipation of the weekend.  The difficulty comes from being a little dry after being caught up in my own sin and knowing that it is not by my own righteousness that I share His love with others.  Regardless, of the length of time I have walked with the Lord, I am as still in need of His Grace as one who doesn’t even know what it is.

Looking forward to going inside because of my passion for the Divine Exchange between Himself and His people.  Forgiveness will flow bringing healing, reconciliation and freedom.  He will bring new life, to dry, needy and broken lives (mine included).  His Grace is for those who know it and stumble as well as for those who have no idea what it is.

I will share the miracles of the weekend in other post when I get on the other side of Kairos #11





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